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Mingjia Investment Plate

Industrial investment
Focus on discovering corporate value, looking for growth opportunities in China, and investing in real estate, factor markets, advanced manufacturing, modern services, information technology and health care at different stages of growth.

Currency card electronic trading platform
In 2014, Mingjia Group, Shanghai Post Industrial Development Corporation and Xinhua News Agency Beijing Xinhua Financial Information Exchange Co., Ltd. jointly invested to set up Shanghai Postal Card Trading Center Co., Ltd., to build the most convenient, large-scale and influential electronic trading platform for postage cards.

Home purchase investment
Through mergers, acquisitions, shares and other means, to expand the scale of the group's stock assets, to ensure the maintenance and appreciation of the new property assets and the assets of the precipitated properties within the group.

Financial investment
We will set up US dollars, RMB linkage funds and private equity funds supporting the Science and Innovation Center, create diversified financial services that integrate capital services and securities, and support start-ups while effectively guiding the focus of industrial resources.

Industrial service platform

Shanghai Jingjia Culture Industry Investment Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, listed on the New Third Board in April 2016 (stock code: Chuang 836916), entered the innovation layer in May 2017, and won the innovation enterprise in 2018. Jingjia Culture is a "Specialized nd New" enterprise in Shanghai, which connects with the national strategy, does a good job in carrying the scientific innovation center, builds the global science and innovation Chinese ecology, and is committed to becoming the leading ecological service provider of the science and innovation industry in China, focusing on the three core high-tech industries of aerospace, artificial intelligence and biomedicine. At present, the number of projects in operation and under construction has accumulated 4, with an area of more than 400,000 square meters.